Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Special Holiday Sale

Holiday Collection:  "Ranch Road" 6 x 6 oil

I am going to have an Exclusive Holiday Sale from November 9 - 22, 2014.  There will be 25 small works - 6 x 6 and 8 x 10 plein air oil paintings on panel, without frames for about 60% off my normal prices.  

Holiday Collection:  "Winter on the River" 8 x 10 oil
This sale will be available to my subscribers to my Newsletter only.

If you would like to check out this Holiday Collection, please go to my website and subscribe to my email Newsletter.  Here is a link:

Holiday Collection:  "Boulder Reflections" 10 x 8 oil
On November 9, 2014 I will email a special newsletter to my subscribers with the details of the sale and a LINK to the collection that you can click on to view the sale paintings and purchase if you are interested.  So, you need to subscribe before that date to get the email.

Examples of displays for Holiday Collection Paintings
Also in this newsletter are examples of frames and display easels one can purchase from companies online.  I have included links to these items at these companies.

Purchases will be done online from my website service.  PayPal handles the transaction and accepts all major credit cards.  There will be a shipping cost of $7.00 flat rate.  I will ship immediately.  

This is the first time I have tried an online sale.  I wanted to have an open studio with wine and cheese, but we just didn't have a free Saturday during the fall.  So, I thought I'd try this instead.  I am actually discounting my paintings even more than I would if I had an open studio....  so please feel free to check it out.  (You can always "unsubscribe" to my newsletter later if you wish).

Best wishes to all, Carolyn

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Here are some paintings I have been doing recently

So sorry I don't post much these days!
"Pond at Donner Summit" 6 x 6 oil

I seem to spend more time posting to Reno Tahoe Plein Air Painters blog (RTPAP).  The reason is that I have to post to it each week  - to announce the location of the next paint-out.  We have been painting outside for over 2 years now.  Wow!  It is a lot of fun, but a lot of work on my part to research the locations, obtain driving directions and photos of the place.  I also research links for further information about the place.  If you are interested in looking at this blog, visit it at  Local people can subscribe to it by email so they get each post in their email inbox each week.

RTPAP has given me a lot of practice and I have painted each week!  It has prepared me for the following Plein Air Event and Competition:  North Tahoe Plein Air Event 2014:

"Paige Meadows" 8 x 10 oil
These two paintings are going to be at the exhibit and sale this weekend at North Star Wine and Food Festival in the area of Petra's Wine Shop in the Village at North Star at Tahoe (Truckee).  The top one is being donated to benefit North Tahoe Arts Center (the non-profit organization that is putting on the North Tahoe Plein Air Event).  The second painting will be for sale and perhaps in the competition for the same event.

We will be painting for the next 3 days and entering our paintings in this same event.  We are supposed to paint the North Tahoe area.  It is a lot of fun and a lot of my painting friends are in it.

Monday, May 19, 2014

I'm Back! And here are some paintings!

I have a few paintings to share:

A large watercolor painting entitled "Cliff of Spires" - in case you do not know, this is a very very small section of the gorgeous Bryce Canyon in Utah.
And, I am also back to enjoying pastel painting en plein air with my local group of artists.  This is a painting called "Cabin on Serene Lake".
And this next one I did today at Virginia City.  I call this pastel "The Tree Lives On".  In case you do not know, Virginia City, Nevada, is a wonderfully preserved mining town from the Gold Rush Days (and Silver).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gosh - a month slipped by! Yes - I have been painting!

Wow, life sure gets busy.  Here are some recent paintings I have done in the last month.  These are all on my website now and most are for sale.  The painting "Tracks to Pasture - Winters Ranch" was painted for the Nevada Land Trust and will be for sale at their fundraisers.
9 x 12 oil "Tracks to Pasture - Winters Ranch"
8 x 10 oil "Andreas Canyon Trail"

8 x 10 oil "Winter on the River"
14 x 11 oil "Warming the Snow"
8 x 10 oil "Slowed by Ice"
11 x 14 oil "Lagoon Reflections"

Friday, February 28, 2014

Taking the advice of a master plein air painter

plein air painted in 3 greys, white and black and then just a hint of color started over the top
I recently went to a California Art Club Winter Symposium.  This was my first one and I learned so much.  The keynote speaker and demonstrator was plein air painter, Kevin Macpherson.  He demonstrated one of his methods he might use out in the field, and he recommends this to anyone who wants to nail their values down.  He used three shades of grey out of the tube, chromatic black and white when necessary.  Once he had his base painting done, he then mixed his colors, using the greys as a guide to mix the right value of color.  Then he brushed the color on over the painting (this is all wet-into-wet oil paints) as one would ice a cake.  Lay it down, then leave it alone.

Sometimes I am value-challenged.  And out in the field I thought I would try this.  Above is a painting I did at Serene Lake.  I have to admit, I really liked painting a grey scale painting!  It took all the decision making and time to mix colors out of the picture, so to speak.  We had a little time left and I started to lay some color in.  This is where I find wet-into-wet a challenge.  It was time to go, and I happily packed it home and let it dry.  (So much easier to paint over a dry painting).

Here is the next step - laying in the color and moving a snow mound back, and covering up the willow twigs that I no longer liked.
Stage 2
And here it is - done -
oil 8 x 16 "Edge of the Frozen Lake"

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Nocturnes! A new challenge!

"December Nights" 12 x 9 pastel on black sanded paper

When we visited Florida in early December, a popular area to wander shops and dine in outdoor cafes was so lovely in the evening with all the holiday lights.  I tried to take photos, but it is very hard with a point-and-shoot camera.  But I got something to work from, and my memory.

The top painting was my second attempt.  My first attempt was the entire scene, as seen below:
"Holiday Nights" 9 x 12 pastel on black sanded paper
I've always wanted to try cityscapes, even though buildings and perspective are my weakest talent!  Oh my goodness, and cars are even harder!  Especially when the photographs shows no detail and everything is very dark.

This was a fun challenge and I think I learned something.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"Silently Waiting" watercolor painting

12 x 9 watercolor "Silently Waiting"
I'm happy to say this painting is done!  It has been fun taking a break from my other mediums and going back to watercolor.  This project in particular was meditative to do.  All the interesting shapes were painted separately.  Very detailed, very controlled, but done in one small shape at a time....I haven't tried Zentangle yet, but from what I have read about it - it sounds a little like what I did here with the reflections.