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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Per your is the decor I have been designing and making

Since you asked, Kira, here are some pictures:  I hope the painters out there following aren't thinking I have given up painting for home decor!  It is just a thing you do once in 10 or 20 years!

The professional drapes were the starting point

I made 3 small pillows with left-over fabric from the drapes

I made a cover for the comforter with discount fabric

I bought gold fabric for the back of this euro sham so I can turn it over when I want just gold
I got a wooden screen at an import store, painted it brown, then stapled fabric on the back
Now, the only thing missing in our room is a painting (or two) over the bed!!!!  Yes, that is on my agenda now! 


Euphoria said...

Wow, I'm honored, I feel you've posted this just for me! And I must say you are very multifacetic. You are great at this C! I love what you did. The truth is I can't sow but I see a lot of work here. I'm sure you will paint two beautiful paintigs to complete the scene and if you need an argentinian watercolour, you let me know!

Carolyn said...

Thanks Kira! Actually, it was good to post SOMETHING - even if it wasn't painting. I bought a new card reader and a new memory card for my old camera, and so now I'm back in business as long as the computer holds out!

ti-igra said...

Hi, Carolyn!!! :-)))))
So wonderful things in your room! Fantastic, I love this calm colors! How nice to live in so beautiful house and thinking that you've done it yourself! :) Looks like old style, so nice!

:))) And we are waiting your new paintings, Carolyn!

P.S. Sorry for long silence, Carolyn! :( heh. Just know - I am always thinking of you!

Carolyn said...

Hi Ira! Thinking you you too!