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Friday, April 20, 2012

Working on light and shadow patterns

This is a new painting I am working on.  I have a little fine tuning to do on it yet.

I visited the Phoenix, AZ area last fall and we went for a drive to see the Superstitions Mountains and park.  Nearby was a little mining town.  This is the little jail house.  I loved how the light filtered through the roof and made patterns on the adobe wall.


Euphoria said...

WOW! The light is looking good!

ti-igra said...

I love it, Carolyn!!!!!
Just amazing pastel! Looks like trees from shadows! Very-very beautiful, great composition!

I always liked dance of the shadows! And in your painting I feel hot sun and I see you in the big panama :)


Ida M. Glazier said...

You have really nailed those values in this painting! Like those wonderful watercolors I ussed to see by Jan Kunz or Judy Morrison, ya know? this is really really nice.

Carolyn said...

Hi friends! Thanks! Glad you like it!

ti-igra said...

Waiting for your new paintings, dear Carolyn!!!! Hope you are ok!!!

BIG HUG and Summer wind :))))))

Carolyn said...

Hi Ira, yes, I'm OK, thank you for asking. I have not been able to paint lately, but very soon. I have been involved with a BIG project! Building and planting a vegetable and herb garden. With a short growing season, you have to do it all right away when the weather warms up.