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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

20 degrees cooler!

9 x 12 pastel

Today I went with a fellow artist friend to plein air paint.  Since we were going to have triple digit temperatures on the homefront today, we drove up the Mount Rose Highway to the meadow on top of the pass.  It was 20 degrees cooler - and sooooo nice!  We saw a large painting class there at the trailhead parking lot!  But we found our own little place to paint in the meadow.  Here is my painting.


Sharon Whitley said...

beautiful painting - looks like a stunning place up in the mountains - just my sort of thing, lovely greens - would love to try plein air painting

ti-igra said...

How nice to be in cool place in mountains when the weather is hot! Wow! :) Among cool shadows and water in wellsprings!

And I feel these 20 degrees in your picture! It is very very inspiring! I like the slope of mountaine on background and dark violets in shadows!
Take care in hot days! Drink water :) and of course - ICECREAM! :D

Carolyn said...

Hi Sharon and Ira, yes, we need cool - icecream sounds good too. Ira, I tried to comment on your blog, but there was no comment button. ?

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! :)
I understood - you can not see that button, because (the strange things happend in blogger) there is a text on Ukrainian. But in my preferences is still on English "cute comments" as earlier! Something strange.
You may to enter to the post, clicking on title, and there you may see comments in the bottom.
Also I added a button TRANSLATER and you can translate to your language - it is on the right side :)
Heh! Hope all will be fine. I know, how hard to understand when you can not read another language!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Carolyn, what a great place to go and cool off! I haven't been up on Mt. Rose Hwy. since the 70's---your painting is very good, and love the comp! I think all your newest paintings are great. I also tried to comment on your blog earlier, and no comment button--whats up with that? I think is due to the browser we use---Google chrome seems to do blogger beter---what do you think?