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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gosh - a month slipped by! Yes - I have been painting!

Wow, life sure gets busy.  Here are some recent paintings I have done in the last month.  These are all on my website now and most are for sale.  The painting "Tracks to Pasture - Winters Ranch" was painted for the Nevada Land Trust and will be for sale at their fundraisers.
9 x 12 oil "Tracks to Pasture - Winters Ranch"
8 x 10 oil "Andreas Canyon Trail"

8 x 10 oil "Winter on the River"
14 x 11 oil "Warming the Snow"
8 x 10 oil "Slowed by Ice"
11 x 14 oil "Lagoon Reflections"


ti-igra said...

Hi, dear Carolyn! :)
Yes, times go so fast! I am so happy watching your new paintings! I love them so much - brightness, fresh colours, sunny branches, real snow and fantastic reflections on the water surface - all so beautiful!
Great done, my friend!!!!!!!!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Wonderful work . Carolyn--_I really like " Tracks to pasture" Very nice!!! You work so hard,and boy, it shows.
I am getting ready for the 4th class Thaleia is doing this Spring---very hard to get going as some of it is just repeat. And well, I guess I am not as enthused as I could be. I want to go outdoors! Oh well, some good things are happening, too. Keep up the good work!!!!

Euphoria said...

You have a FAN in Argentina, Carolyn! I really like the last three, maybe because winter is coming down here...

Mister Mischievous said...

wonderful works! I admire all of them. i'm not blessed with the gift for brushes and colors, but you, undeniably have.

ti-igra said...

Happy Easter! Dear Carolyn, all your friends-artists, bloggers, your big family!
Wish you peace and health, to have a lot of inspiration and time for your creative work.
Big Hugs from me, my family and Kitty!
P.S. Thinking of you very often, my dear friend!