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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Geraniums in a Window Grill

I haven't painted for a couple of days. Sick one day, traveled one day - to Truckee for the long weekend. Our house there is doing fine. We haven't been there in a while. It is snowing all weekend. I brought my materials and worked on this painting with Margot's suggestions in mind. I needed to extend the bench out a little bit so I could add the leg. In order to add on to it, I thought I would try the canned air that she uses to blow away sections of pastel. So I took the can and painting outside on the front porch. Snow was blowing in. The can said to point and shoot away from anything until only air comes out of the can, and not the white powder that is in there. So, with the little red straw stuck in the nozzle, I pointed the can out into the yard and pressed....The air shot out with good force and the straw shot like an arrow 20 feet into a 2 foot snow drift! I guess I won't find it till next May! Anyway, I used it without the straw, and it still worked OK since I didn't have any detail work nearby that would be lost. I added the bench length and leg, and worked on the plant and shadows and pot. Now, I think I'll take it to class next week and ask for help with finishing. Hopefully, this storm will be over by then.

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