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Monday, July 20, 2009

Class Paintings with Reif

I went through my file of finished work and pulled out all the paintings I did in Reif Eriksen's classes. It was really fun to see them again, and I took pictures of them. Those were really fun classes. I can't sell any of these works (or publish them), because they are done in class in a paint-along-fashion. These are really Reif's photographic references which he copies for us students, and then demonstrates each layer of the pastel painting, and then we paint the same thing, and he goes around and helps us with corrections and pointers. I especially love his subject matter - the Sierra Nevadas and pastoral scenes. So, when I don't have something of my own to post, I will post a Reif class painting and plug his website: . Please visit his site and his blog which has a link from his site. He has some beautiful paintings.

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