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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Morning Skies

Hey! I painted today! Actually, I wasn't planning on it. Went to meet a lady who did a group art supply order to pick up my stuff. She was coming by the local painting club at a little lake in the middle of town for a paint-out (since many of the people there were going to be in the workshop). That was the nudge I needed.

I said I would post some pictures of my fiberwork. So here they are. The beige, brown and grey are shetland wool. I have a beige and grey sample of the fleece with the prepared "rologs" next to them. The grey is being spun on the wheel, as seen on the bobbin. The brown is being spun on a handspindle. I even ply on the handspindle, as seen from the yarn sitting on top of the brown rologs. Next to them is a beautiful soft white "cria" (baby alpaca) yarn, and next to them is a mult-colored purple wool that was already hand-dyed and I spun and plied that while at my Mom's house. And lastly, a bonus picture of my angora bunny "Miss Lucky" with a pile of yarn I spun from her soft bunny hair. (It falls out when full length grown four times a year!)


LIZ said...

Thanks, Carolyn, very interesting. And Miss Lucky is gorgeous. Great photo!

Mim said...

Beautiful yarn and your bunny is so pretty! Do you have a project in mind for all the "Lucky" yarn?

Carolyn said...

I use Miss Lucky's yarn as trim and accents in knitted and woven things. I'm also waiting for my daughter to have a baby so I can knit booties and hats for baby.