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Friday, October 2, 2009

Abstract Multi-Media with Watercolor - "Under the Sea"

The poor lions are on hold AGAIN! But SOON I'll be painting all day, outside, for five days straight! I'm packing, making a lasagna and apple pie to share with the other artists. This is Lorenzo Chavez's Plein Air Pastel Workshop at Hope Valley, California. This is up in the Sierra Nevadas where there are gorgeous mountain peaks, evergreens, aspens in fall color, and alpine meadows of fall grasses and willows. There is no phone up there, no cell service, and I won't be able to post until I get back. So, before I leave on Sunday, I'll post some pictures I did several years ago.

This one I call "Under the Sea". This is the most abstract thing I've ever done. It was a class on loosening up in watercolor. We used cheese cloth ripped in strips, we also used pieces of rice paper, and of course, watercolor. We used a full size sheet of watercolor paper. When I got home I really didn't know what to do with it, so I cut it up in quarters. To this one I used wax colored pencils to darken and accentuate areas I wanted to. It reminds me of a coral reef with fan coral and sponges.

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LIZ said...

This is fabulous! I just love it! You should do more abstracts. I like everything you do of course!