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Monday, October 19, 2009

Plein Air in Truckee, California

Yesterday, while we were still in Truckee, I drove through our neighborhood and found a view to paint. The wind was just beginning, as a storm was coming in. I painted as fast as I could, but the wind began to pick up. I had to hang onto my set-up with one hand and try to paint with the other. Then a big gust came up. So I lowered the legs of the tripod the whole way, and pulled up a low seat (part of my art-cart). Finally, I had enough of this. So today, I printed the photo of the scene, and then looked at my incomplete painting - and what? They were sooo different! Maybe I was so concerned with the wind that I wasn't looking at the view very much. So, today I worked about an hour to try to finish this painting, but I didn't use the photo at all. I just tried to make the painting work. It's not the greatest, but I got to try a few new colors and techniques, and I think I learned something. This view is of the backside of Mount Rose and the upper part of Martis Creek before it winds into Martis Valley.

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