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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finding the time....

I now consider my art as my day job, instead of a hobby.  So, now while I wait for my Mom during her physical therapy sessions, I take my work with me.  I take a sketchbook and my photo reference for my next painting and work in the waiting room.

This is my next project.  I took this photo of this amazing massive tree - looking up at all the array of branches going this way and that.  I then looked at my photo under various photoshop filters.  This filter is the "watercolor" filter.  It is a fun way to see your picture in a different way.  My challenge to myself is which branches to eliminate, which to keep, and to make an interesting composition of shapes and negative spaces.  This is not a typical landscape, so the shapes and sizes and patterns are going to have to be strong to make this painting work.

Last Saturday I finally made it to my Spinning and Weaving Guild meeting.  A good friend is moving away and selling off her excess looms!  I've always wanted one like this!  I have used a table-top loaner - the kind you raise and lower the sheds by levers on the top - which aggravated my neck and shoulder.  Now I can sit on a chair and push foot treddles!  Yay! 

No, I'm not going to stop painting!  Now I have to divide my time a little.  You see, there is a practicality about a loom.  I'm going to be making scarves for Christmas gifts -

My husband is soooo good.  He never complains as all my art stuff infiltrates our dining area, the kitchen and the livingroom.  He just says "this townhouse keeps getting smaller and smaller!"  And I tell him "You know, you don't live in a house anymore - you live in an art studio!"


ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! :-)
I understand you always finding time for draw! This is a great!
And you thought a very interesting composition with the branches of pine. Maybe it is interesting to draw, shade and texture of the bark, fluffy needles. ;-)
Your husband have a very understanding and he seems very happy that the house is present spirit of creativity! It is better than empty air! And yet - it all YOU! Your presence!
Great! Be always happy! :-) Lets drawing!

Sharon said...

I can't believe you fell into that delightful little 8-harness loom. Just wow.