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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thumbnail sketches and something else - finding ergonomics for artists

Well, this is a two-part post. 

Thumbnail sketches:  Even though I am partly into a painting of a tree, in my painting class I was reminded of the benefits of doing many thumbnail sketches - 8 or 9 - before doing a painting.  This is so you can work out problems in your composition before you make these problems on your finished work.  So, I took my photographic reference and used little sections to make interesting design-thumbnails.  I haven't done 8 or 9 yet, so, gotta do more!

And the second part:  Ergonomics for artists:

I learned while working a desk job for many years, how your body can fatigue and get sore muscles from improper posture or angle when you are at your desk.  We all know computer users can get carpal tunnel syndrome with a bad angle and level of the keyboard.  Well, I was at the back of my new loom, threading the heddles, and the chair seat was too high.  I found my exercise ball nearby and tried sitting on it.  It was great!  When I reached through to get another warp yarn, I just rolled along with the movement.  I just might try doing the weaving while sitting on the ball....

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Ou! Carolyn! Lovely compositions!!! Shadows and penumbra create an interesting forms! :-) I see how you feel all tree branches and they soul! And every form have it own soul with arms, torso... Very interesting to consider each of them.
I am amazed, Carolyn, as you have time to do all your work. Weaving is a painstaking process!Wow! I am fascinated! And so funny chair you have!!! :-))) History with it very funny :-))))) Lol!