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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Meadow

We have nice, summer weather now, but we have windy days.  Just too windy for me to paint outside.  I'm back to working in pastel exclusively now, so that I can be ready for a workshop in the mountains.  The instructor (Richard McKinley) has a Pastel Pointers Blog each week.  I printed many of them.  I thought I would practise what he preaches!  So today's work, I started with a grey scale painting first.  Then I matched the colors to the values and went over the painting in the matching values in color, and voila!  I retained the values while in color!


Euphoria said...

Good work ! And theank you for the explanation.
This is quite different from your last creations.

Ida M. Glazier said...

Yes, Caorlyn! This is what I do, whenever I do indoor work! Using a pencil, I do the value study, somethimes quite detailed, and it really helps and is fun. When outdoors, the notan is what is the same as a value drqeing, but not as detailed--you get your light/dark pattern, and large shapes. and can study if your comp. is working. Then stay in your value familes as you do it in color! Your pastel here is really nice as is your value study in black and white! Thalia sent me a note saying there was as opening, but I can't go and I am sad---Richard Mckinnley and Chavez, and Lordier are my fav's!! Great work here on your blog today!

ti-igra said...

Great, Carolyn! This is a cool landscape! So good, I really love the black and white version and also pastels! :-)
I can see how growing the young grass on the lawn! Incredibly beautiful! So fresh! Very fresh air from the mountains!!! :))))))