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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Vines and Moss" pastel painting

12 x 9 pastel
The big old oak trees here are amazing.  I only painted a small portion of one.  Their limbs are massive, and spread out like an octopus.  The moss hangs down all around.  Ferns grow on the top of branches.  All kinds of vines grow up the trees. 


ti-igra said...

WOW!!! How enigmatic! This tree is very strong! I love, how you painted details! Such realistic! These hanging brenches - moss? Oh! I wanted to ask you because I saw it in American movies (Forrest Gump for example), but there are not so interesting plants here :)
Very, very beautiful!!!!


Carolyn said...

Hi Ti-Igra! Yes, the movie Forrest Gump took place in this part of the country. It is very, very different from where I live.

ti-igra said...

Oh!!! Really! :)Now I am know! And he lives in Alabama :D

Thank you, Carolyn, too! Big Hug!

LittlePuffin said...

just randomly came across your blog. These pictures are wonderful. Well done :)

Carolyn said...

Thanks Little Puffin! Good luck with the unicycle! You are adventuresome!