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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Re-working a painting - "Quiet Finale" pastel painting

The new re-worked version
 I painted this almost a year ago.  I posted it on (an on-line artist's community).  This is where you can ask for critiques and comments of other artists.  One artist gave a very good comment that I agreed with after she pointed it out.  So for months, I didn't know how I wanted to go about correcting it.

Today, I wanted to frame it to take it to the show, but I wanted to re-work the weak area pointed out to me.  It came to me how to accomplish it.  There are several methods of removing pastel, but the one that works for me is canned air with a tube in the nozzle.  I blew off the error (outside of the house!) and then re-applied pastel in a way that changed the foreground by eliminating too many rocks in a row with equadistance between them (very repetitious and boring).

So, here is the re-worked version, and I think the composition works much better.  So, I'll frame it now....


LIZ said...

Beautiful. And a nice contrast to the snow scene for the show!

Euphoria said...

I like it very much, specially the light.

ti-igra said...

:) Hi, Carolyn! I agree - it is better! I loved that pastel too!

I understand you - composition is very importent thing - now this painting looks like a road through the water-waves to the horizont! We have a path :)
Earlier it was a path to the right - in deep of ocean :)

I love it!!!

Sharon said...

That is absolutely lovely - totally ready to be framed.