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Friday, December 16, 2011

Travel stories, paintings, and meeting other artists while on a trip

When we travel, sometimes there is great subject matter to paint every where you turn.  There isn't enough time to paint everything you see, so we take many digital pictures that we can use for information in our studio paintings.  Here is one I am working on right now (about half done) - from a trip through Southern Utah last summer:

But sometimes in your travels, you are in a city or rural area with fences, or a resort surrounded by golf courses, and you don't know where to go to paint or take pictures.  I recently found myself in that situation and I contacted another artist blogger, Becky Joy, in Phoenix, Arizona before our trip there.  Becky is an accomplished and talented plein air oil painter, who I have followed for a year.  See her website at and take a look at her beautiful paintings. 

Becky was gracious and friendly when I contacted her.  We got together to paint in a scenic natural desert area on the outskirts of town that I would never have found.  I appreciated her taking the time to paint with me....and I couldn't resist purchasing a couple of her small oil paintings.

Now, we have another trip coming up.  We will be going to Oahu, Hawaii for a week.  Thank goodness for internet!  Almost all art organizations have websites.  I contacted the Hawaii Pastel Society, asking if there were any paint-outs during our stay.  The president/artist wrote back and invited me to paint with her group.  So, it will be another great trip, with comraderie of fellow artists!


Euphoria said...

Becky's web is nice, I like the bright colours of her trees and the skies of her landscapes. I've never been to Hawaii, but I think you'll love it. You have a lot of flowers there to paint!!! Here's a hawaiian blog I read :
Have fun!

☆sapphire said...

Thanks for the link. The Becky's web is lovely. Have a nice tirp!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

Thank you my friends!

ti-igra said...

What a great story! Becky is sooo talented artist! I saw her paintings - they are very beautiful, colors, landscapes, all! :)))

Wish both for you to have a nice, cozy Christmas with your family! :))) With new smiles!