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Monday, October 29, 2012

Finishing touches on two plein air paintings

I worked on two plein air paintings at home - doing finishing touches.  The first one didn't need much - just the upper left tree.  The creek painting, however, needed a lot of work.  So much so, I probably can't call it a plein air painting, although it started out as one.

Running water fascinates and challenges me.  I suppose if I painted it often enough, I could paint it en plein air in two hours and have it look completed.  Some day....with a lot of work....

12 x 9 pastel "Aspens Along the Creek"
9 x 12 pastel "Ida's Creek"

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

I see real water! It falls and falls - I can see it all time on your picture! Just Amazing!
A lot of work and great result! :)
I love love it! And also - yellow delicate trees and light on the path :)))))) autumn sunny colours among shadows.

I am always like how you finishing plein air paintings, Carolyn! <3