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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Painting at Washoe Lake

9 x 12 pastel
This morning I went to Washoe Lake to paint.  It was 8am and just BEAUTIFUL.  I listened to the waterfowl and watched as a flock of geese flew in and landed on the lake - which was smooth as glass.  My painting friend could not make it, so it was just me and the birds.  I did a one-hour pastel study.  My challenge to myself was to paint mud and make it beautiful!  Not sure I succeeded, but it was fun trying.
The view


LIZ said...

Looks beautiful to me. Certainly better than the real thing!

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! I've missed your post earlier :(

It is sooo beautiful! Very beautiful colours of mountains!:))) you know, your painting has inspired me today!!! :)
So, I give you wonderful flying mood!!!! Hurray!