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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A recent trip to Phoenix - painting in watercolor

Cave Creek Park in the morning

Hello friends!  I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a while, so I have several posts in line for the next few days!  Got my pictures downloaded and photoshop'd - all ready for me to post.

Earlier this month we went to Phoenix for a week.  While my hubby went golfing, I went hiking!  For ease in going through airport security, and lightness in the backpack, I brought a small watercolor pack and Arches Watercolor Travel Book (which is all full now since I've used it over the years).

I enjoyed hiking new areas - mostly in the Northern Phoenix area - Cave Creek, Spur Crossing Preserve, the Botanical Gardens and Pagano Park - both closer to the airport.

Here are my other watercolor sketches:
This is unfinished, I ran out of time.
Spur Crossing Preserve (it looks like he is crying!)

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ti-igra said...

Hi Carolyn! :))) So nice to hear that you have wonderful days in Arizona, you have a time to paint! Your watercolors describes this wonderful place! Wow! I love cactuses! They are so interesting, like humans! :) and this one - really like a crying, I love all: long shadows, red brown ground and round bushes!
And thanks for sharing with us your trip!