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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting from my vehicle

Today I went up to the top of Mt. Rose to the meadow to paint.  I planned it a week ago, and there was snow and rain just a few days ago.

I still went, but there were high winds, so I made changes to my painting plan.  I took a small watercolor kit that I could work in my vehicle.  I was warm, out of the wind, and had a great view from my truck!

Here is my set up:  a box top served as my desk on my lap, the center console held my water container, and the driver's set held more supplies.

There were plenty of people up there!  Several snowshoers with dogs, trekking across the meadow, and kids home from school were sliding in saucers down the hill.  Now there is a hardy bunch of people!


ti-igra said...

I am looking and want to paint too, Carolyn! Your picture and story inspired me so much!

I love this watercolor! Looks nice: bright colors of grass and bushes among white snow and smoky mountains!
I'm glad you stayed warm! :D

Ida M. Glazier said...

You are wonderfully dedicated! A really nice watercolor, Carolyn. And a good idea!