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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Golfers have caddies or golf carts - I've got someone with four legs to carry me and my gear!

I had the perfect day today!  Summer is over and the parks are empty!  With my trusty friend, I went for a ride at Washoe Lake...and we went where the hooved ones are not supposed to go.....

the picnic area!

That is because it is the only place that has trees!  We need a tree for valet parking.  Then I sat down on the sand and did a mini pastel painting.

Here is my mini kit - it fits in the saddle packs.


LIZ said...

What a good & faithful friend you have! He/she totes your stuff and you too, and waits patiently nearby.

ti-igra said...

Woohooo! :D I agree with LIZ! How wonderful friend you have, Carolyn! I was only once ridden on the horse (sitting :)))) of my granfather :) his name was Storm.
Painting on open air - is great! Now you have so so nice pastel to paint this landscape at home :) I love these orange colors!!
What a lovely day! So glad for you both!

ti-igra said...

Hi, my dear friend! :)
Hope all good in Carolyn's world! Have the wonderful days and keep warm in these cold winter days!

Amish Author Sicily Yoder said...

What a wonderful life that you have! I have always wanted to paint, but that is not one of the skills that God bestowed upon me.