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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pastel in progress - beginning with abstract shapes

pastel in progress....

I am trying to train myself to look for abstract shapes and start off a painting by painting those abstract shapes, rather than the "things".

It is a lot of fun!!!  I really enjoy it.  To help me, I take a good photo of mine (good contrast of darks and lights and interesting patterns of the same).  Then on Photoshop, I use the "Cut Out" filter.  It simplifies the shapes into about 5 colors and 5 values.  It is what I am supposed to do in my brain by squinting, but some pattern shapes are difficult to comprehend, so this method really helps me.  I print the "cut out" version of my photo and then follow it as a guide.  I tried to match the pastels to the shapes in print, and I drew by hand (I don't want to TOTALLY copy a photo - even a filter version) and filled in with the colored pastel.  Then I had a "map" to which I can lay strokes of pastel and add more definition where I want.

Now I will work from the actual photo, to guide me with the next stage....I'm really looking forward to finishing this.

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

When I have opened this picture I said "WOW!"
This is just awesome process! :)))
May I ask you, Carolyn, it is big?
Seems like yes! I love this paiting in progress so much!!!
You are doing right, we are always imagine at at the beginning of composition more simple shapes, so important don't lost in details on first steps! And I adore your plan to do this in Photoshop! Just super idea!!!! :)

Very realistic pastel, I am already in love! It is alive!