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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The last two paint-outs: variety!

The last two paint-outs were sunny and clear skies.  We had another artist, Emma, join us.  We are growing!   On Jan. 8 we met at an historic cattle ranch "park" outside of Carson City, called Silver Saddle Ranch.  Here are some pictures showing the views.  It is amazing that calves are being born in this frigid weather.

On Jan. 15 we three met on Mt. Rose at the ski school location of Sky Tavern when it was closed for skiing.  It was warmer ---- a toasty 37 degrees!  I have a new set-up for my oils - an old paintbox mounted on a tripod.  Much easier and lighter than the french easel!  I actually needed to snowshoe where I painted because the snow was not packed down there and was quite deep.


ti-igra said...

It was FUN! :)))
Your wonderful mood in every picture and letter of this post!
How cool to be with friends, paint together. I love your oils: warm pink bushes and snow, top of mountain with trees and blu shadows, children playing in snow racings! :D
And sooo bright sun!

P.S. Happy greetings for Erin! HUGS!!!!!!

Euphoria said...

I really admire the way you catch a piece of nature in a painting, specially the light.