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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pastel Painting In Progress - an interior scene

9 x 12 pastel on La Carte

I'm back to pastels again - and this is a studio piece.  I think this is the first time I've done an interior scene - not quite a still life....

The surface I am working on is terracotta colored Sennelier La Carte.  Although most of that surface will be covered, little flecks of it will show through under the painting and give a warm glow.

I have to tell you about the scene.  I was at a workshop and the instructor set up some of his paintings and books and other items on a window counter of the hosting home.  We would meet in the home for coffee and discuss what we would be doing that day and I was struck by the light coming in the antique window glass and streaking across the objects and creating bounced light on some of the surfaces.  It was beautiful!  I quickly snapped a picture and have been looking at it for months - wanting to paint it.

I decided to eliminate some of the objects - there were too many and I simplified it.  At this time I am doing layer over layer, to strengthen the darks and define the shapes and lights, and spraying with workable fixative in between layers.  I am having a lot of fun working on this.  I'll keep you updated.....

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Wow! This scene is so warm and quit, I love colors of the light and shadows, Carolyn!
Waiting the final picture!
It will be very beautiful!

You know, I didn't like to paint still lifes because I thought that it is not very original, but sometimes I notice that I like very soft light that enters the room and a plot, creating
herewith with objects and their shadows.
Your painting is sooo beautiful!