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Monday, February 11, 2013

Watercolor plein air while on a trip

Crystal Cove Beach 9 x 12 watercolor plein air

We recently went to Newport Beach for a week.  I did the above painting while we sat on the beach one day.  It had a good start, but needed a little definition and deepening of the darks.  So I did that addition when I got home.

I did some hiking on some trails I had never been along the Laguna Canyon Road.  After a long hike at the Nix Nature Area, I sat down on a picnic table and started the painting below.  I got a call from my hubby - he was done playing golf and wanted to be picked up.  So, it was unfinished.  I tried to finish it at home but it just didn't go well.  So, I used it as an experiment to practice "lifting" color, and also using opaque goauche paint for the white barked trees.  It was a good excuse to practice - no worries of destroying a painting I liked!

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