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Thursday, May 9, 2013

An artist never goes on vacation!

5 x 8 watercolor sketch

...because artists can never stop working!  We are in Aruba - our first time.  It has been a little cloudy here, but when the sun comes out we can really see that "Carribean Blue" color.  Gorgeous!

One thing that is happening here that we are not used to - when we turn on our little camera and the lens comes out - it fogs up!  I took this picture of my little sketch out on our balcony and it fogged up.  So, my painting has the "misty" look to it.

This cute little ship is the Jolly Pirate - one of the many snorkel and tour boats you can go out on.  The other day we went on a very nice catamaran boat and went snorkeling in 10 feet of water.  It was fun, we saw lots of colorful fish, sponge plants, a pipe fish, and even a sea turtle resting on the bottom.


Ida M. Glazier said...

Hi Carolyn!! great post, and really nice little painting- What an amazing adventure, sounds like so much fun. Hope the foods good!

ti-igra said...

Hello, dear Carolyn! Wonderful ship! And I can feel misty mood of Aruba in that moment! :) I LOVE IT!
Your story is very exciting!

Thank you for so wonderful mood and have a rest under the trip!
P.S. You are right - artists never go in vacations! We can not simply sit, we want to paint all around to learn from nature, to feel place, to have memories!

ti-igra said...

Oh, sorry, I guess, I wanted to say - have a rest AFTER the trip - under the tree ;)