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Monday, June 24, 2013

New field studies in oil

Here are some one or two-hour field studies I have done recently.
Spring on the Mountain Slope 8 x 16 oil
Yesterday my group and I painted Watson Lake first, then this lovely mountain slope that was in total bloom with Mules Ears - a yellow daisy like wildflower.  It was getting dark and cold and trying to rain, so we painted very, very fast!
This painting study is of Watson Lake.  One of our painter's brought her dog, who posed for me!  I know it doesn't "add" anything to this painting, but I just felt like putting her in at the last minute.  Gotta have fun sometimes!
This little painting study was done at the Mt. Rose Meadows a week ago.  Everyone did the view of the meadow, which was lovely, but I was drawn to the light and dark patterns of this forest view.

1 comment:

ti-igra said...

Hi, dear Carolyn!
:) It is cool - to paint on long format :) I love this landscape - it opens the horizon and we can imagine this place!

I think, the dog added something like a story to your picture, like a fairy tale ;)
And also I like little painting, I see this place in real - the road in grass to the shady forest!