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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent paint-outs

6 x 6 plein air at Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe
I recently hiked up to Eagle Falls and painted this little painting.  I only went 1/3 mile, but it was straight up and many granite steps and stairs to climb.  This was the vista point - a view I chose that did not peek at Emerald Bay below.  If I continued another 2/3 mile I could have seen Eagle Lake.  I've seen photos of it on the internet and it looks gorgeous!  Want to go someday!

6 x 6 plein air of Silver Saddle Ranch
Yesterday I painted at Silver Saddle Ranch.  I stood in the shade of the cottonwood trees and painted this view looking toward Carson River.  The cattle were not in the pasture.  They were off somewhere across the street.

You can see more of my paint-outs at

Friday, August 2, 2013

Little 6 x 6 paintings in oil - so fun to do!

Below are some little paintings I did recently out in the field.  I am getting ready for an open studio and am adding a little "umph" to my paintings in the studio.  Sometimes when you get home, you notice that your values don't have enough punch, or the painting needs just a little tweeking.  Here they are - in all their "tweeked look":
"Summer Pond" 6 x 6 oil
"Blue Asters" 6 x 6 oil
"Backyard Boats"  6 x 6 oil