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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Final Day and Reception for Markleeville Plein Air Event

"Whirlygig" 12 x 9 oil

This morning we artists were supposed to paint the town - and be in the town where the public could see us and talk to us.  I will admit, city and townscapes and anything to do with buildings is a challenge for me....but I want to learn and I guess learning by doing is the answer here.  A couple of days ago I scoped out the town and really loved a little cottage with a cute garden.  There were always cars and trucks parked in front, so I did some sketches of the house one day, and a couple of value sketches another day.  I finally settled on a section of the house and the side yard.  I had to eliminate potted plants and things on the porch - it was just too much for a little painting.

So this morning, I was so tired from commuting ever day for 4 days, that I was running late.  I took a little extra time to print the photos I took of the cottage before I left.  Good thing I did, because today they had that area blocked off because they had tree trimmers cutting down large limbs in front of the cottage!  So, I parked somewhere else in town and set up in the shade (at 10:00 it was already very hot!).

I had some people come by and chat, and I would have liked to have more time to work on this, but at noon I had to pack up and frame this little wet painting and bring it in.  It was hung inside the canopy.

We had a very good turn-out and by 10:00 4 paintings were sold, including my wildflower painting!!!!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Markleeville Plein Air Event is underway

"Hope Valley Peace" 8 x 16 oil
This is my first plein air event.  It is in a gorgeous part of the Sierras and it is very easy to find beautiful places to paint.  The hosting gallery is in Markleeville, CA, "Art and Soul" gallery.  It is a lovely gallery with paintings and sculptures and pottery, jewelry and other arts.  Markleeville is a cute little town.

The first day we (22 artists) checked in to the gallery in the morning where we were provided coffee, pastries, fruit and other snacks.  From there we all disbursed to paint scenes from Alpine County.  It was a little drizzly, and since I had another commitment in Placerville, I spent a few hours in the town, sketching various old buildings from the settler's era.

The next day our hostess (Evelyn Yonker) provided a lunch for us in Hope Valley.  I was about half-way into the above painting when I stepped back from the easel and a gust of wind came up and blew it face down.  The painting only had a little dirt on one end, and the puddles of paint in the easel were unscathed....but the tripod attachment to the painting box pulled out of the wood.  It was repairable, but not at the moment, so I sat the paintbox on the ground and sat in front of it and finished the painting.

"Mountain Wildflowers"  6 x 6 oil
The next morning I began painting in Hope Valley again - off in a meadow.  It is spring up there and the wildflowers are beautiful!
"Boulder Reflections" 8 x 10 oil
Then I drove up Blue Lakes Road.  Just before Blue Lakes is a lovely lily pond.  I also found a spot in the shade of trees which was nice because we are in a heatwave right now.  I'm glad I brought bug spray because the mosquitos were happy to see me!

While I was painting, I heard a noise in the water - a deer (maybe this is a doe Elk) with a tracking collar was walking through the pond, grazing here for a while.

What a great day!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plein Air Painting in Albuquerque, NM

On a free day, my artist friend and I went to Elena Gallegos Open Space Park to plein air paint.  It was lovely there.  Here is a little pastel painting I did.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The pastel convention in Albuquerque was great!

Earlier this month I was at the International Association of Pastel Societies' Bi-Annual Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This was my second time, and I enjoyed it immensely.

I saw many wonderful demonstrations by top pastelists.  I signed up for one hands-on workshop given by Andrew McDermott.  I thought it would be very different - he paints on black paper, and he is also very impressionistic with big, bold strokes.  He had us all work from the same photo reference of a harbor of boats (another thing that is unique for me).  First, to loosen up, he had us do a small 5 minute pastel studies in black, grey and white.  The idea is to not do detail, just block in the value shapes.
Next, we were to pick about 5-7 monochromatic colors of a warm hue and do another 5 min. study.
Next, we were to do a 5 minute study with only warm colors.  After we finished, we were supposed to do another 5 min. of cool colors OVER it.  The idea was to keep to the same values - be them in greys, warms, or cools.

Finally, we worked large - about 16x20 piece of paper.  This time he had us do something rather unique.  He had us sketch the design on the paper, then take tape and tape a square around the center of interest.  Next we were to do the outer perimeter in black, white and greys only.  Then we were to take the tape off, and paint the center of interest in first the warm colors, and then the cool colors over it.  Finally, we were supposed to blend it into the greys and maybe add a few bits of color around the grey painting.  We ran out of time and didn't finish the blending and finishing process, but we got the idea.
This was really fun and out-of-the-box way of doing things.  One thing he stressed was that if you do 3-4 small 5-minute paintings BEFORE your final big one - you will find it is so much easier once you get to the final one and it will go faster too.  It also helps you really cement the value structures and shapes in your head and you will have a more successful painting.


Monday, June 24, 2013

New field studies in oil

Here are some one or two-hour field studies I have done recently.
Spring on the Mountain Slope 8 x 16 oil
Yesterday my group and I painted Watson Lake first, then this lovely mountain slope that was in total bloom with Mules Ears - a yellow daisy like wildflower.  It was getting dark and cold and trying to rain, so we painted very, very fast!
This painting study is of Watson Lake.  One of our painter's brought her dog, who posed for me!  I know it doesn't "add" anything to this painting, but I just felt like putting her in at the last minute.  Gotta have fun sometimes!
This little painting study was done at the Mt. Rose Meadows a week ago.  Everyone did the view of the meadow, which was lovely, but I was drawn to the light and dark patterns of this forest view.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plein Air Paintings to show & tell

Crooked Tree  10 x 8 oil
Martis Creek Valley

View From Dangberg

Comstock View

A Creek Study

Tahoe Morn
Mt Tallac in May 9 x 12 oil on panel

I'm back from the IAPS convention and it was fantastic.  But, I'll have to write about it later.  For now, I'm playing catch-up.  I have 2 months worth of weekly oil paintings I did on paint-out days with the Reno Tahoe Plein Air Painters!  I've been having a lot of fun, painting outdoors with painter friends.  I've been so busy, that I haven't even signed some of these yet.

First Flowers for Sale  9 x 12 oil

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Convention for Pastel Artists!!!!!

Example of Trade Show at IAPS
 IAPS article about previous convention

I am on my way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend the International Association of Pastel Societies' Convention!  I am so excited!

I signed up for a workshop with Andrew McDermott , a private portfolio critique by Anne Hevener of the Pastel Journal, a demonstration by Liz Haywood -Sullivan , a demonstration by Doug Dawson  , and a demonstration by Marla Baggetta .  I will be joined by many of my pastel friends from Sierra Pastel Society, as well as my friend Helen Iaea from Hawaii, where she is the president of the pastel society there.  We will have fun shopping in the Trade Show, and attending banquets and dinners and seeing the IAPS Exhibit of Juried Art from all around the world.  Many of us have a free day of no classes and will go out on location to paint en plein air.  It will be a really fun and educational trip!

Below is a link to a YouTube Video of the 2011 convention to give you an idea of what it is like:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art Show to Benefit Open Spaces

"Meadow at the Top" (one of the locations they will be preserving)

I will be participating in the "Open Spaces and Special Places:  The Art of Conservation" art exhibit and show on July 20-21, 2013 at the Wilbur D. May Museum, Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, NV.  There will be a reception on July 19 from 5-7pm.  The artists are donating 50% of their sales to the Nevada Land Trust to help further their purchase of land to protect for wildlife and the public's enjoyment.

For more information about the Nevada Land Trust and this show, click on this link:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My first plein air event!!!!

I have been accepted into the 3rd Annual Markleeville Plein Air Event.  From June 25 to June 29, 2013, artists will be painting Alpine County, Hope Valley and Markleeville.  On Saturday, June 29, paintings from the artists will be on display at the Markleeville Art and Soul Gallery, 14841 Highway 89, Markleeville, CA. That morning until noon, the artists will be painting in the town of Markleeville where the public can watch.  The show will hang until July 14, when the closing reception will take place from 11 am to 4pm.  Artists will be present to answer questions about their art.

For more information about the gallery and this event, click the link below.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sometimes life is crazy and you have to keep plugging on...

While we were away on our trip to Aruba, my adorable little studio bunny, Pixie, passed away.  I didn't want to go in my studio for weeks.  I have been having a hard time getting back into painting for that, and other happenings.... my horse had a serious abscess in his hoof.  He was being treated at the large animal hospital while we were on our trip also.  After we got home, I began the daily routine of re-bandaging his hoof daily for weeks.  Then, my Mom had a very bad fall in her apartment and hit her eye.  She was hospitalized and had surgery to repair a blow-out fracture of the orbital bone that surrounds her eye.  She is now in a nursing home until her eye can focus and not see double vision, then she can go home.  So, I have been visiting her and being a patient advocate for her every day.

So....that is why you are not seeing any new paintings on my blog!  But, things are turning around now, and soon I'll be back plein air painting, working in the studio, and announcing shows.

This is life - everyone has these times.  We just have to do what is necessary at the time, and eventually things settle down and we can get back to our normal routines.

Stay tuned, I have more good things coming up on the calendar!