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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Been Busy Making Art!

I've been painting a lot, but I haven't posted to this blog for a while!  So Sorry!!!  Here is a little bit of my recent sketches and quick paintings:
"Aspen Road" 8 x 10 oil plein air
"Canadian Rocky Mountain Train Ride"  5 x 7 watercolor

"First Day of Autumn" 8 x 16 oil plein air
"Genoa Cottonwood" 8 x 10 oil plein air
"Meadow at Sky Tavern" 8 x 10 oil plein air
"Sunset From the Mountain Top" 6 x 6 oil plein air
"Truckee River in October" 9 x 10 oil plein air
As you can see, I am getting out and experiencing the gorgeous colors of fall - yellow and orange aspen trees and cottonwoods.  All of these paintings were done in under 2 hours, and some of them I intend to do more work on them..... but I thought I'd share them anyway.

We recently went on a train ride through the Canadian Rockies - stopping and staying at Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff.  Wow!  What incredibly gorgeous country!  I only had time to do little watercolor sketches - either while on the train or on a tour bus, or standing on a bridge looking at a glacial river gorge during a 20-minute tour stop!  Our flight home had problems and we had to wait in the airport for hours.  So I took out a larger watercolor pad and started a larger version of the little river sketch.  I am wishing I had time to continue working on is out on my drafting table waiting patiently....and then, I want to try doing a pastel painting from these studies....and then maybe an oil painting after that.... many paintings to little time to do them all.....  (sigh!)