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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 Birth Day of my new Blog!

Welcome to my new blog. The purpose of my blog is to share my art, and my experiences and feelings about what inspires me to create art. My New Year's Goal is to paint (or sketch) at least one hour a day. I've heard from several sources that this makes an artist improve by leaps and bounds. And that is what I want to happen to me!!! It is hard being an artist all by yourself. It is hard to motivate yourself to do your chosen craft (even though you love it) when there is no paycheck at the end of the day as incentive...especially when you have worked regular jobs and got paychecks! My "business plan" is to post my progress on my blog. While the blog committment itself will motivate me to paint each day, comments and encouragement from other bloggers will be icing on the cake.

Today I attended a pastel painting class given by Margot Schulzke. It was my first class with her. I really enjoyed it. This picture is what I started in class, and I will work more on it (maybe tomorrow?). I am working from a photo I took of steps up to a little beach cottage at Crystal Cove near Newport Beach, California. The steps really are painted blue!

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LIZ said...

Hey Caroline, great start to your new blog. I will enjoy keeping track of your progress!