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Thursday, January 22, 2009

January 22, 2009 Watercolor Day

I have a painting buddy I met in a watercolor class given by Jan Foss at Lake Tahoe a couple of years ago. My friend Judith and I have been painting together off and on ever since, trying to keep it up. Today I worked on my Zebra picture. I've been working on it for for a couple of weeks now. I'm always trying something new. This art board is new to me. It says it takes watercolor, but, it doesn't take it like Arches watercolor paper! So, I tried watercolor pencils, and then would lightly spread the color with a damp brush. Long story short, this picture turned out more like a drawing than a painting. It also required many layers of different colors, since I couldn't mix my own colors from my paint box. But it has been an interesting experience and I could get my "detail fix" with this project. This picture is almost done. A little more touch-up and blending in the upper left corner and I will give it a name.

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LIZ said...

Your zebra is very nice, I particularly like the way you got his brushy mane so well. Sounds like working with the watercolor pencils is a lot like pastels, building up the colors.