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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Artists' Resources of Information

In between paintings, I'm perusing about 8 library books. Two I found very helpful for me at the moment.
Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way has two very good chapters. Elements of Design and Principles of Design. This is something I need to remember from conception, through sketch, and during the actual painting.
The other book has a technique I haven't tried. It is painting weathered surfaces in watercolor. Using an oil and turpentine patina, you can depict a subject with stone and plaster texture, gravelly and uneven ground surfaces.
So, I'll be off to purchase oil and turpentine at the art supply store.
Another resource I tried today, was a website for a free download of poster-making software. I have a photo of a pride of lions I want to do on a half-sheet of watercolor. This site takes your photo and breaks it into multiple sections you can print on your printer and tape together in a poster size of your choice. This will help me transfer the lion shapes to my watercolor paper. I tried it, and it works great. The site is: www.http//

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