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Friday, September 11, 2009

Lion Pride Watercolor - my first step

OK, so this is going to be a 16 x 20 painting. I blew up my photo larger than printer paper - it took four sheets, and I taped them together. Then I taped 4 sheets of clear transparencies together and used a magic marker to outline and move around the lions a little bit since the ones in the back were too close. Then I used graphite transfer paper and transferred the shapes to my watercolor paper. The graphite paper is messy and I had to clean up my drawing with a kneaded eraser. Next, I tried this new technique for the foreground. I cut the transparencies around the base of the lions and used it as a mask to protect the rest of the paper. Then I splattered a mixture of turpentine and a little bit of oil paints. Either I'm brave or stupid, because I've never practised this yet! So, while that dries, here is a little quiz:

What is unique about these two bunnies? (Answer will be posted tomorrow!)


Mim said...

They both have the same fleece? I did get your email from Sharon.

LIZ said...

The one on the left looks like a toy version of the real one on the right?
Missed you at stitching today!