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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hope Valley - Two Little Sketches

My husband liked his surprise get-away. We started at Grover Hot Springs and hiked to the little (kinda dried up) falls. Then we took a long soak in the Hot Springs. Then we went to Hope Valley and stayed at the Sorensen's Resort. We stayed in a little cabin that he thought was like being in a dollhouse! We hiked many places in the area. Thanks to the great trail maps we picked up there, and a book about the trails, we explored Blue Lakes on foot, and mostly explored the mountainous regions by driving. There are beautiful mountain peaks, many little lakes, and three beautiful valleys - Hope Valley, Charity Valley and Faith Valley. Because we were on the move so much, I only took lots of photos. Since I've been home, I've done two little 30-min. sketches from my photos. One is of a cedar growing in the granite boulders; the other is our little cabin

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Sharon said...

I love Hope Vally - I love your Hope Valley sketches~