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Friday, August 6, 2010

Plein Air Painting via Horseback in the Back Country

An artist friend and I went for a trailride above Hope Valley, California.  We went on the Pacific Crest Trail.  We packed small watercolor kits and had lunch and painted by a beautiful lake.  Here are some pictures of this fun trip.
How do you like my stylish flymask?


Euphoria said...

Can I confess something???
I ENVY YOU, C!!!!!!!!
Horse? Watercolours? Lunch with a friend? Wild nature everywhere???
Your day sounds great, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, that´s all I can say...

ti-igra said...

This is a great trip! The trees are sooo high! Wow! It so good to be among trees and rocks, the sky and in circle of friends :-) Thank you, Carolyn, for photos, for me it's a trip to your country! Although, I be there every time when I look on your new paintings!

So beautiful bag! I love so "ancient" things from the skin :-)
Your horse is very beautiful guy! Or this is she? :-) Say her: flymask is very stylish, yes :-)

Ida M. Glazier said...

Hey, what great pictures!!!! Casey looks very stylish, he's such a nice horse. I had a great time, what fun!! And my little 4 x 6 w/c's aren't to bad either. Can't wait to go again!!!! Tahnks so much, CJ---!