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Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Ripples in the Sky" pastel painting

Well, I didn't do any of my shopping, errands or chores today ... but I did finish this painting.  So that's an accomplishment.  Someday I may do more of my koi paintings, but for  now, I must start practising the techniques, surfaces and subject matter that we will be doing at Richard McKinley's workshop next month.  He uses white Kitty Wallis sanded paper and does a watercolor underpainting.  So, that is what I will be doing for a while.


Ida M. Glazier said...

Now, how did you do this? What paper did you use, and is there an underpainting? Do you draw up thumbnails of the comp before hand, and choose your color plan? Must have photo references I guess. However you do it, this is nice work.

Carolyn said...

Hi Ida, yes I do an underpainting. I used La Carte light blue paper. I used my own photo - or part of it - and I draw the shapes with soft vine charcoal first (eraseable) and then used Nupastel bottle green to fill in all dark patterns. Then I carefully with a small brush used turpenoid to blend the darks in more fully. The palm tree reflections made interesting patterns and were quite detailed and challenging to get them in. So because of this I used almost all nupastels to get in these tiny areas.

ti-igra said...

Yes! technique - is that an artist develops itself every day! Technique! But the artist is and what creates the mood to work - this is the will, feeling, internal energy. And all together it gives excellent results! I congratulate you, Carolyn! This is a wonderful pastel, incredible! I wish you well prepared for lessons! To get satisfaction from them and learn something new!
Good luck and inspiration!
P.S. Very interesting all time to here how are you do this, Carolyn! :-)

Sharon said...

That one pops - love it!