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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Still Standing!" a watercolor study of a building at Bodie, California

Like an old horse with an extreme sway back, this old building hangs on... and on...

Old barns and buildings are fun to get into the detail because they are so full of textures and linear shapes.  Various pencils, pen and ink, watercolor washes - are some of the the tools of texture to get your fix.

I did this sketch primarily with watercolor pencils. Then I used a very small and pointy watercolor brush sideways (after dabbing the excess water off first) and lightly dragged it across the pencil in one direction, with the grain of the wood.  The pointy tip can get into the tiny dark cracks for detail.  Later, I went back in with watercolor washes to add more variety of color and contrast. 

I drew this free-hand without tracing.  Working on my accuracy!  (That is, my accuracy of asymmetry!)


ti-igra said...

Wow! Wonderful! Such elegance! The roof and board - everything is so natural! This house is alive! It seems that now I will stand with my foot on the grass and will come inside!
PERFECT!!!! :-))

Carolyn! Happy New Year, my dear friend!
Joy, Happiness, smiles!!! All pleasures I wish you have in NYear!!! :-)

Ida M. Glazier said...

good work Carolyn! I have been to Bodie, and love the old stuff out there. Have been wantting to do some watercolor as well, your s are so nice! Hope to paint with ya this year, too!

Kerra Lindsey said...

Hi, there--found your watercolors and what a treat! I've been working with them for years--mostly portrait type works and love the medium. Great use of color choices you have!

Carolyn said...

Hi Ti-Igra, Ida and Kerra - thanks to all. Kerra - I visited your website - very impressive!!!!