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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Watercolor Study of Poinsettia Flower

I bought a medium size poinsettia plant for the holidays to brighten the house.  It is a good time to sketch them right now.  Many of my last sketches have been from still life objects.  It is my goal to hone my eye-hand coordination and try to accurately record the relationships of shapes as they are.  What is neat about working from objects rather than photos is:  if you're not sure about a petal or what is behind it, you can lift it with your pencil and examine it from different angles.  You can't do that with a photo.

My sketches are detailed studies in my sketchbook - for practise and for reference for later paintings.  Once I am very familiar with a subject I would like to paint it in a looser style or in a single stroke that suggests a petal instead of drawing it. 


LIZ said...

Very pretty! Your notebook must be fabulous by now :-)

Ida M. Glazier said...

Reicko had a class where we did draw and paint from life some pointsettas'----her's are great, by the way-----mine not so much---
This is a great idea, to be drawing from life, thinking about art, and doing things any way you can. Pointsetta's make a great subject, use pencil then do it in watercolor! Your drawing here is lovely, really.

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn!
I am also wanted to say here that you already have an marvellous notebook now! With beautiful pictures! :))))
This flower looks great, though it is alive and move its leaves like hands. :))

It's true - when we drawing living objects, we will see them from all sides and feel them in space. In the photo space disappears, because all picture cropped with frames :)

You wrote so cool: "eye-hand coordination" - I liked this phrase, I will remember it :)))