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Friday, April 29, 2011

Checking In...

I made the deadline - totally moved out last week.  Then I literally collapsed!  I stayed in bed for 2 days!  At the end, items were odd shaped and didn't fit in my boxes with lids, so they were "unstackable".  So, these items ended up in our living room!  Ugh!  Yesterday I took these items up into the attic space in the garage (bumped my head about 5 times), so it looks more like a living room, and I have space to do yoga. 

I've been resting a lot all week, but reading art books and art magazines.  It is helping me get in the mood and excited about painting again.  Tomorrow's visit to the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California, to attend the awards reception for the Pastel USA show should REALLY get me excited to paint!  I am so looking forward to seeing the show and the fantastic works by outstanding artists!  (I still can't believe my little painting will be there with them!).

On Sunday we will start looking for another home - a middle-size home - with a room for me to paint!  Hurray!  A "studio"!!!   Then we will sell our little, cramped townhouse.  This time, the moving can be more gradual - without a big rush - especially since we need to have a few repairs done on the townhouse before we put it on the market.

The weather here has been a windy April month.  At times, gusts up to 50 mph.  This weekend it is supposed to warm up to 70 degrees.  My garden is starting to grow.  The dormant roses are starting to leaf out.  I fear two are dead - it was a harsh winter this year.  The hollyhocks are already taking off, showing promise of a good year of flowers.  So, by the time we put this townhouse up for sale, we should have a pretty backyard.


LIZ said...

Good news! After all this time, out of that house. It is a beautiful house, but still.... Good luck at the art show & at finding a new house. With a STUDIO!

Sharon said...

I'm glad that chapter is closed, and how exciting - a home with a studio. Over the years I've discovered when my energy fails me and I'm abed, the fastest way back onto my feet is reading art books and art magazines. I think the pleasure of the art produces an endorphine-like effect. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

ti-igra said...

Hello, Carolyn! I see - you have a changes, we need them sometimes! Wow! New house!!!!! So great - you'll have your own studio, your place for yoga and your paintings!!!! FANTASTIC!
I am glad for you!!!!

Congradulations with exibition!!!! :-) I am happy for youuuu!!!!!!!

In spite of everything, be in a good mood!!! Wish you have a great time! Last weeks and days in your house!
With your flowers and trees!!!

GOOD LUCK!!!! 88-->

Euphoria said...

Good for you!!! A studio???
That´s really cool!!!!
You should rest in order to recover and start thinking about the decoration of that special room of your own.