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Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Desert Lavender" - today's pastel

9 x 12 pastel on grey Canson
You may recognize this.  I did it in watercolor pencil not long ago.  I had a few hours today to paint and just grabbed the photo and a piece of paper....(my un-favorite paper) and figured I'd just practise.  Well, I'm pretty happy with it!  Maybe I'm finally making friends with this paper!


ti-igra said...

Amazing! Love, Love, Love IT! :-))))
Carolyn, I recognized this scene immediately! Wow!
So interesting, what paper you are use, Carolyn? :-) White or another? I love to paint on color paper, especially on grey shades of other colors :-) or brown, calm green :)

Fantastic picture! :-))))

Ida M. Glazier said...

Yes you have got it!! This looks very nice---Love that tree!! and the light hitting it. Really a nice forground , to, which is so hard but this looks great!

Sharon said...

Watching your work has absolutely changed my perception of landscape art. I do love your plein air ease.

Euphoria said...

I think it´s beautiful, I love what you did with your favourite paper and those soft colours. That place looks so calm and peaceful!!!