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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Damage control ... a disastrous start ...

"Mohawk Vista Meadow"  9 x 12 pastel on sanded paper
I began this painting on white Kitty Wallis.  This is about the 5th version of this painting.  Each painting I changed the scene a little to make it better, and I also painted on different kinds of papers.  So, after I penciled in my composition, I thought I would fix it with a workable fixative.  My can was getting low, but must have dried in the nozzle, and it only came out of the base of the nozzle.  So, I got a new can I have had about a year.  First, I forgot to shake it up.  Second, I forgot to test it out.  I just started spraying and OMG!  It too was clogged, but practically exploded from the base in a 360 degree fan of grey splatter!  All over my white kitty wallis paper!  I could not get the grey off my hands, so I knew water would not clean it off. 

What the heck, I let it dry and then proceeded to do a watercolor underpainting.  Here it is:

After that dried, I went on with pastel over, and especially went over the grey spots. 

All is well.  I still salvaged it! I guess I won't buy that brand of fixative again... 


ti-igra said...

What a beautiful, Carolyn!!!! :-))))
This picture is one of my favorite! :-)
This is a magic spring-summer mood! I am sweem in these colours and plants!

You know, yesterday I fix my new pastel and it became so dark after that :-((( I am so sad with this fact!

Carolyn said...

Hi Ti-Igra! Yes, most fixative will darken your painting! There is one brand that doesn't. I don't know if you get it in the Ukraine. It is made in America by a pastel artist. It is called Spectrafix. It is made with casein and alcohol. I wish I chose to use that product on this painting here.

LIZ said...

We learn by doing, huh? Love the final result though! You can just about pick those wildflowers!

ti-igra said...

Oh, Carolyn!!! Thank you, my dear friend!!! You know, I have never saw this fixative, but may be I did not pay attention! I use this one  Maimeri, by Italy... It is better of many others... I thought!

Thank youuuu!!! :-))) I'll find it!!!