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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drawing is my quiet time

Hollyhocks from last summer's gardeb
 I was thankful to have a full day of babysitting for Baby Whit today - not only is it fun - he is a cutie, but it provided me with a day off from all the busy business of purchasing a new home. 

So today while he napped, I got to slow down and have quiet time.  Drawing with watersoluable colored pencils a little section at a time, then blending with water...very, very peaceful and relaxing, and I actually quieted my brain from all the details of the new house and move.


Euphoria said...

Well, as I say, watercolour is one of my therapies. Sport is the other one.
Good for you, C!
Pencils don´t work for me, but you´ve done a wonderful job, I actually sense peace from this picture.
Good luck with you new home!

ti-igra said...

This is a really peaceful drawing! Carolyn! I love it so much! WOW!
So quiet lines are flowing out from your hands! How wonderful colors, petals! How wonderful, my friend, that you are now in such nice balance! :-)

Happiness! Pacification :-)))
Fantastic days!

Ida M. Glazier said...

Very nice drawing and painting--I like to do this with graphite water soluable pencils, Does that mean I am a Tonalist, instead of colorist? Your flower is lovely.

Carolyn said...

Thank you my friends!