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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Windows and architecture of Colonial Period

We are visiting Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia and surrounding areas.  We are doing much sight-seeing and photo taking, as well as informative tours.  While having a lazy morning, I did this mini watercolor from one of my photos I took, while viewing on the laptop.

This is the Cookhouse of the Berkeley Plantation.  Although they built their homes out of brick they made on the plantation, the outbuildings here were plastered and painted a pink color over the bricks.  Green shutters were the thing back then.  They could close them during storms.


Ida M. Glazier said...

Very nice! Its amazing how you find time to always paint or do something artful. I love it, and admire your spirt! And your work.

Sharon said...

I love your window. We bought a lithograph of one such window when were were in Alexandria. That's my kinda of landscape!

ti-igra said...

WOW! How wonderful!!! Carolyyyn! :-))))
I saw yesterday photos and not see them now :-( with so wonderful houses and people in the suits!

I love your watercolor! So coooool! I feel the old ages! :-))

Euphoria said...

What a lovely watercolour, so simple and sweet!