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Thursday, June 9, 2011

"The Peak" pastel painting at Crested Butte, Colorado

8 x 10 pastel on blue Strathmore pastel paper
 We drove out to Crested Butte today where we have another friend with a cabin.  I did this from the dining table in the cabin, since the wind was strong (and chilly) on the deck.  So, technically it is not a "en plein air" painting, but I would like to call it "en cabin air" painting!  Heck - it still was done live without photo!

If this looks like we are high up - we are!  I think the house is somewhere around 9,000 feet.  There are actually cabins and houses on the foreground and closest right and left hillsides, but I decided not to put them in.  This picture looks more blue than it really is - maybe the light was fading and it is on blue paper.


martha said...

again, lovely! I'm just a beginner art student (a late one, considering I'm nearing 40). I come here to get inspired. tx for the posts. :)

ti-igra said...

I am flying over the ground! I see the Mountains, so huge, so beautiful, strong! Carolyn,you did incredibly beautiful work! How I love it!!!
You are sooo funny - cabin-air painting iiiihihiii :D

These rock ridges are very fascinating! And the haze below the mountains, I am feel that I am standing with you there! :))) This Blu colors are very deep and dreamy!!!!

I am impressed! :)

Ron said...

These Colorado and Utah paintings are excellent. We are planning a trip to 4corners, grand canyon, arches next month. Your paintings have added some extra excitement for painting subjects.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Ron! Have a wonderful trip to four corners! I hope to see your paintings from your trip!