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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Through the Arch" pastel painting

approx 8 x 10 pastel on peach LaCarte
We went to Canyonlands National Park in Utah.  This was my favorite spot - the Mesa Arch.  It is an arch on the edge of a cliff. 

Canyonlands is a huge area.  We only had time to drive out along the rim and view the canyon from various locations.  After a while, I got a little scared of heights, so my husband did most of the picture taking that day.


Sharon said...

Like :)

☆sapphire said...

Love the painting! I love the colors! And your "Across the Plateau" is fabulous!! Thank you.

LIZ said...

Gorgeous! Another Impressionist piece.

Carolyn said...

Thank you friends, and Sapphire too!