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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Breakwater" pastel painting

9 x 12 pastel

This morning I went out to a point where the breakwater is and an inlet for the swimming lagoon for our resort.  I thought I would practice waves again.  This time, I did a sketch first, to work out a better composition than the last one.

I had a few visitors.  I enjoyed talking with a Japanese woman from Nagoya, Japan.  We spoke in our broken English and my few words of Japanese.  You see, I have an interest in Nagoya.  When I was an exchange student, I visited a family there for three weeks.

Another lady from New York, who is a watercolorist, came by too.  She was quite fascinated how I start my paintings with watercolor, and then add pastel on top.

There is a nice koi pond here at our resort.  I'll have to do a painting of fish - only this time should be more challenging - they keep moving.


ti-igra said...

Carolyn!!! My "Wow!" again! :)))
This waves are fantastic,full of love to ocean and nature!


:))) It's really looks great, combination of brush marks on the waves and pastel stones and foam! How I love this picture!!!!
Thank you for his interesting story, Carolyn! I am happy for you :))))

Ida M. Glazier said...

Really enjoying these Hawiian plein-air paintings! Especially the waves on the second ocean one---those waves are huge! And a real pretty shade of blue. Have fun!