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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Kailua Beach" plein air pastel painting

12 x 9 pastel on sanded paper

I met with the Windward Wanderers and had a wonderful time "painting in paradise"!!  Kailua Beach is a beautiful beach.  The sand is like silk, the water shallow and calm enough for small children to play.  There is a lagoon from a stream that empties into the beach.  These colors are real!  Absolutely gorgeous turquoise water!

The painters were friendly and I joined them for lunch at the local market down the street, where we sat at picnic tables and admired each other's work.  One of the painters was visiting from Susanville which is about 90 miles from Reno where I live!  Fancy meeting here!  The picture below is of her with her watercolor of the canoes by the lagoon.
I am really happy with my new "Backpack" size Heilman pastel box.  Because it is smaller, I can now use my umbrella and I can adjust it perfectly to shade my work and pastels.


ti-igra said...

Wow, these colours! So clear, bright! SO realistic! I love sand and light shadows on it and dark in the bush!!! When I look to the horizont, I feel the grandeur of this landscape spaces around!

Oh! Friends-artist with you there too! How cool!!! :D

I see, you have fun! That's great!!!
Also, your new bag - we need comfort for best result!

HUGS from frozen Kiev! Here already is -4 °F.

Euphoria said...

Everything looks like a postacard. Please take me with you next time!!!!!!