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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Red Ginger" - a very quick plein air pastel painting

12 x 9 pastel

Waimea Valley and Falls is a lovely place to visit.  It can be quite crazy on a weekend.  We got there early in the morning on a weekday and it was quiet and peaceful.  Lots of botanical areas and paths, a lovely natural creek and waterfall, meadows and benches to sit, birds to listen to and watch on the grass.
Waimea Falls (at 1/3 capacity)

After walking all around, we had a quiet time at a grassy picnic area and I did a one-hour painting of red ginger hanging over the grass while my husband read a book.
? heliconium?


Nilu said...

Beautiful painting!

I love your blog...just LOVE IT!!!!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Nilu!

ti-igra said...

What a beautiful flowers! I remember one, as this antherium, it grew in a pot and it was white (from my childhood)...
And interestingly, I did not know how ginger blossoms, never seen it... Now I drink tea with ginger and honey! And looking on your wonderful pastel!!!! :))))
Love love love it!

P.S. Carolyn! I saw your website, CONGRATULATIONS! It looks very easy and airness!

Euphoria said...

You know I love flowers, I'm addicted to them. This one is adorable. I can also see it in watercolors...