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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painting in the studio from a plein air study

After painting Watson Lake in oil en plein air, I wanted to try painting it in the studio, using the plein air as a guide, and do a larger painting.  This is 14 x 18 on a stretched canvas.  I haven't painted on a surface like this in a very, very long time.  Painting large was different too.  I  had to allow more time and mix bigger piles of paint and use bigger brushes.  I only worked on it two days.  I now realize I was using my plein air Alkyd medium.  I don't have a regular medium right now.  So, it dried overnight.  So, it was a little different.  But, it was fun, and I'll do it again.


Ida M. Glazier said...

Nice work Carolyn! Very inspiring!

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Thanks Ida!

ti-igra said...

Hello, dear Carolyn! :)
I enjoyed so much the landscape you painted! It is breathing! I kind of leaned over this place and saw branches in the lake. This color of water I saw in the forest where I was born, there is thickets of the forest, and the lake is not very deep :)

I love it so much! I even can noy imagine, how much of work there! Waiting your new big paintings! :)

Inspiration and fantastic mood in weekend! ;)
(I am going to my lake today!) said...

Parabéns, lindas telas em óleo.